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A virtual wellness community for young adult cancer survivors and co-survivors, providing them the ability to cope and thrive from emotional, social, and financial support. Why? To enhance . Coping – Cancer Support Groups - National Cancer Institute.

Helping young adult cancer survivors with a successful transition into their post-treatment life by providing financial support through grants and online resources and education. Oct 24,  · Co-Survivors may instinctively place their survivor’s needs before their own. That can come at a cost; their health could be impacted as well. YSC offers support and resources to our Co-Survivor population. We want to make sure no young adult and their co-survivors face breast cancer .

Online support for young adult cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers to help empower them to thrive in a new normal. Lending Hearts The Lending Hearts Young Adult Integrative Oncology Wellness Program . Support groups vary greatly, and if you have one bad experience, it doesn't mean these groups aren't a good option for you. You may also want to find another cancer survivor with whom you can discuss your cancer experience. Many organizations can pair you with someone who had your type of cancer and is close to your age and background.

The National Cancer Survivorship Resource Center - A collaborative effort to shape the future of cancer survivorship care and improve the quality of life of cancer survivors as they transition from treatment to recovery.. Survivorship care plans - Many groups have developed care plans to help improve the quality of care of survivors .