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adult preview booths - wife in a glory hole booth taking loads of cum

Nov 24,  · Preview booths in adult video stores? what are they used for? i visit an adult videostore and i see alot of guys will pick up a video and pay 10 bucks to preview it in a private booth in the back. I was just wondering if he majority of thee men also masturbate while watching those videos in the preview booths? I know technically they arent. Our arcades welcome you with custom made Videotel, Inc. preview booths. We offer 32″ Videotel Digital Arcades that have plenty of room to allow you to watch your DVDs in comfort. We have 20 BOOTHS with over MOVIES to choose from in each booth. Fast Forward or Rewind with our clickers in every booth.

Jul 29,  · Our arcade has 14 private viewing booths, and 1 “preview” booth. All of our booths (with the exception of the preview booth) have access to our server playing 62 adult movies. Each booth has it’s own touch panel for controlling volume, rewind, forward, and play. Our booths also take cash money.