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Jess Stands By The Fact Being an Adult Baby is Just a Part of Her Life. Not the whole thing. via: Binkie Princess. Jess explains that Adult Baby lifestyle provides somewhat of an extra dynamic for her relationship and is a great way to make her boyfriend feel needed and . May 06,  · As Trevor said, in order to be an adult baby you need to have some sort of desire in the first place and if you are looking to become an adult baby then there is no set way to 'become' one. Most people's desires to be babied are deep-rooted within them, and I'm sure most would agree that there has to be some intrinsic desire to want this in order to be an adult baby.

Jan 24,  · What causes someone to become an adult baby? No one knows for sure. Some people believe that imprinting causes infantilism; a mother putting diapers on a child creates associations between humiliation and sexuality. Another theory is that being an adult baby is an identity disorder that's based on the self rather than a partner.