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christian object lessons for adults - Tantra Lessons For Healthy Lovers

Object Lesson: The Pomegranate; Slideshow: Fifth Sunday after Easter; Discernment—A New Word for an Old Process; Slideshow: Easter 4 —I Am the Way; The Parable of the Liturgical Sorting Hat; Lone . Bible Object Lessons. Bible object lessons offer a simple tool to help us relate God's Word to our everyday surroundings. We can think of them as short, simple parables. They provide excellent Bible .

Object lessons, as a Bible teaching method, is often equated with teaching children. Adults, however, can also benefit from and enjoy an object lesson. CHRISTMAS LIGHTS can be used to teach about Jesus coming as the light of the world and use the color of the lights to expand this Christmas object lesson and remind them of what Christmas is really about. Use a box of eight COLORS/CRAYONS to share eight wonderful truths about Jesus with kids, youth or adults.